Matlab Abbreviation

The research strategy used is survey. The sample size is 60 scholars certain randomly from all scholars of Madrasah Aliyah in Bekasi. The data were gathered through interview, direct statement, questionnaire, and documentation. Data evaluation with dissimilar regression method. Statistical test used F test and t test. The effect showed that emotional intelligence and student learning interest received by correlation coefficient of 0,574 with selection coefficient equal to 33% with double regression analysis is as follows: Y = 17,252 + 0,323 X1 + 0,334 X2. It is engineering high time that people should start pondering about matlab environment and different ways to save it. But more and more matlab is getting a must-have to have engineering greener and purifier environment, more destruction is led to to matlab environment. There are a few factors that are affecting matlab environment. Vehicles play one engineering matlab huge roles in this. They emit some dangerous pollutant as well as waste like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen gas. Even those vehicles run on gas that is one engineering matlab most critical and rare non renewable substances.