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Consider matlab augmented matrix: 2 1 3 6 3 1Give engineering geometric reason matlab linked gadget of equations has no solution. Hint, plot matlab three vectors given by matlab columns of this augmented matrix in matlab plane. Given engineering typical augmented matrix engineering b e c d f ,are you able to nd engineering condition on matlab numbers a, b, c and d that create matlab geometric situation you discovered?4. List as many operations on augmented matrices that conserve row equivalence as that you could. Explain your answers. Give examples of operations that holiday row equivalence. xlsx” from matlab Supplier Downloads Page, for instance, tells us that matlab file was created in June 2011 with engineering copy of Microsoft Office 2007 licensed to Target Corp. That metadata also shows matlab file was created or last edited by engineering person with matlab Windows username “Daleso. Yadetta,” and that matlab was most lately published to engineering gadget on Target’s community in matlab following Windows domain: “TCMPSPRINT04P”Getting matlab design engineering matlab a couple of Windows domains inside Target’s internal network could certainly help matlab attackers focus their consciousness. For instance, trust what we know approximately engineering key piece engineering matlab malware identified to were used in matlab Target intrusion, first referenced in engineering tale on Jan. 15, 2014. Investigators who tested matlab malware quickly observed that matlab was designed to head data stolen from Target’s then malware infected cash registers to engineering relevant assortment aspect on Target’s community, engineering Windows domain called “TTCOPSCLI3ACS”.